What I’m Wearing: Day-to-Night Red Denim

Taking any denim – red denim, in my case – from day-to-night can be as simple as layering on a scarf.  Meet my morning outfit inspiration. Yes, really! I was completely struck by the splash of color that these berries lend; sounds super fruity (sorry, I had to), I know, but it just goes to […]

My Offline Life: November Photo Review

Last month, I introduce a new series I’m planning to implement on the first of each month: a look at my offline life through the lens of my mobile phone. Appropriately enough, November’s theme is thanksgiving: for my followers, friends and family. If you’re new here, I’m so happy you stopped by. If we’ve met, […]

My Offline Life: October Photo Review

Today’s post is a day late (sorry!), but I was too eager to introduce our latest giveaway yesterday. Here, a look at my offline life in October through the lens of my cell phone: Hallowed holiday spirit, lingering sunshine and indian summer style.  Sunshine on the lake with bare legs or chiffon and sandals. ** A new humble abode… with […]