Rimmel London Recap: 8 Ways to Get the Look

Happy Friday! Hopefully it’s been a short week for you, too, and as a result, slightly less painful to ease back into the reality of the working world. You probably know this by now, but over the past four weeks, I’ve been writing about a series of themed Rimmel London-inspired looks. I’m doing this (with […]

Stay Glossy During… Fashion Week

It the most wonderful tiiime of the year! No, not Christmas. It’s (faux) Fashion Week! Talk about saving the best for last. For our final Rimmel London fashion challenge, my stylish co-horts and I were tasked with styling a fashion-forward look from lip-to-toe look. To me, that means streamlined, clean and on-trend. I learned on my last […]

Stay Glossing During… New Year’s Eve

Ah, New Year’s Eve. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t know what you’re doing or what you’re wearing yet. (But we do know what party favor to bring to the pre-game, don’t we? Keep scrolling. #popfizzclink) I love any excuse to get dolled up and drink champagne, but New Year’s Eve in the city is, […]

Stay Glossy During… A Night in Soho

From what I’ve read, Soho, London, is the place to be if you’re a food and fashion lover. (… *Raises hand.*) The chic district teems with tourists, stylish-looking patrons and media professionals marching to and from the office – and it’s also the destination of my fictional European birthday celebration. For today’s Rimmel challenge, I’m […]

Stay Glossy During… A Regal Affair

When it comes to royal affairs (that’s prenuptials, people), I appreciate the reserve of Kate Middleton, but I like a little spice, too. For today’s London look, the girls and I were tasked with styling a majestic look suitable for a regal occasion. (I did a little shoulder shake with my hand on my chest, […]

Stay Glossy During… Tea Time

When the weekend finally rolls around, there’s nothing I love more than to grab a book (or my blogroll) and make an afternoon caffeine run. This is usually a spur-of-the-moment decision (I know, really living on the edge, aren’t I?), so I’ll reach for my coziest tee, a no-fuss clutch and walk-anywhere wedges on my […]

Stay Glossy During… Rainy Days

I grew up in the Midwest, so I practically double-majored in mastering snowy- and rainy-day chic styles. I have umbrellas stashed everywhere — in my desk, at home, in my gym locker, and in my suitcase. In other words, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean sartorial sacrifices must be made, ladies. My closet is chock-full of faux […]

Stay Glossy During… Your Favorite Concert

Some nights, your go-to beige eye-shadow and pretty pink blush just won’t cut it, and this is one of those nights. Whether you’re rocking out in a run-down bar or front row at the most anticipated show of the year, your style’s got to mirror your plans and hit a high note, amiright? For tonight’s look, […]

Stay Glossy During… Date Night

An exciting announcement today, you guys! For a series of upcoming posts, I’m competing with four other stylish blogettes for the chance to travel abroad and become Rimmel London’s Official Blogger.  In doing so, I’ll be styling eight different occasion-based outfits, inspired by Rimmel’s new line of long-lasting lipgloss, Stay Glossy. More info on how you can […]