Recap from Caneel Bay Resort

I’ve been traveling a lot lately — over the holidays and the past few weeks — which means I’ve had plenty of time to comb back through photos and videos to recap a recent trip to Caneel Bay Resort in the Virgin Islands. Where we left off yesterday, Jess and I had just arrived at Caneel […]

Island Time

Kicking off the week with a little photo diary of sorts, to wrap up my recent trip to the Bahamas. Believe it or not, I only packed a carry-on. (If you recall from my four-week trip throughout Asia last year, I never check my bag!) The ability to do this all boils down to a few key […]

Paradise Island

In sitting here writing today’s post, all I can think is: Good lord, get that girl some Vitamin D — STAT! Just kidding. But seriously.

Bloggers’ Day Off: NYE with FTD

Back to reality we go… How are the holiday cookie hangovers coming along? Coffee, my friends — all of the coffee. I’m so freakin’ excited for today’s post… Partially because I’ve been dying for an excuse to style this shirt. But first: Honesty hour.

Postcards from Paris: Pont des Arts, Champs-Élysées

It’s hard to play favorites, but today’s round-up might be one of my favorite set of Postcards from Paris just yet. On our first full day of exploring the City of Light (in which we walked 13 miles), we stumbled upon the Pont des Arts — the happiest-ever accident! It’s better-known to some as Love Lock bridge or Padlock bridge, […]

Free Travel Guide: Packing Your Carry-On Like a Boss

  On one of my recent trips across the country, I got to thinking about different kinds of air travelers. There’s the organized lot that packs in advance, checks and double-check their bags the night prior and only feels at ease when they’re seated at the gate an hour before boarding. Then, there’s those of us who roll out of bed, practically sleepwalk through […]