Pretty Pink Maxi

With summer fast approaching, I’ve been adding color to my ensembles a bit more each day. Though subtleness has never been my strong suit.

Chic Floral Shorts

One of my favorite things about summer — which has seemingly arrived in New York — is the opportunity to mix and match some of the boldest brights and prettiest prints I can find. I was crushing hard on these floral shorts from The Limited when I saw them whilst innocently window shopping. True to form, […]


Happy Friday! This weekend, I’m escaping the city and heading to The Hamptons with Jessica and some friends. I’m so looking forward to a few days of fresh seafood, sunshine, beach and boardwalk. And, well, a bit of summer-brewed booze.

Not-so Basic Black

You know this by now, but I’ve accidentally perfected the art of becoming a Serial Snooze Artist.** When this happens, as it does — or worse, a closet crisis or mounting pile of laundry paralyzes my outfitting abilities — I keep calm and reach for two key pieces (that currently have stakeholder status in the real […]

Silk Separates

Back to reality! How was your three-day weekend? Mine was spent among family in the very hot-and-humid city of Houston.  I flew home late last night, so I’m planning to cite jetlag to justify a number of things today… Namely, grown-up track pants, an extra shot of espresso, over-ordering on Chinese take-out and so on.

How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Tall

Signs of spring have peppered their way into New York’s concrete jungle, but the weather has been slow to follow. We’ve seen a good amount of rain the past few weeks, so as soon as sunshine made its way into the forecast, I knew I had to capitalize and take my favorite flared jeans out […]

Music Festival Fashioning

Over the past weekend, music festival season kicked off here in New York City. A few girlfriends and I spent Saturday gallivanting around Queens, which was a rather in-your-face reminder that, well, I’m gettin’ old. Publicly rocking out the sounds of Calvin Harris — and soon, Vampire Weekend, Pretty Lights and St. Lucia — while soaking […]

Style Round-up: Six Trends to (Bargain) Shop for Spring

Hello and happy Monday! Productive is the name of the game this week, as I had a marathon dance party kind-of-weekend. It’s refreshing to spend a day or two offline, isn’t it? On the down-side, my heels will be staying put on the shelf for today (and possibly tomorrow). How was yours? As the final installment in […]

Stripes on Stripes

Is there anything better than a good wardrobe day? I’m talking about those mornings where you snooze (natch), get up, shower and are able to walk out the door in the first thing you pulled from your closet that day. Winning.