In My Gym Bag: Spring Edition

While my schedule differs every week, there’s a consistent common denominator that remains from day-to-day… … That is to say: I get by on the contents of my gym bag. My everyday tote has become a bag of mixed tricks, as a result — clean clothes, beauty basics, healthy snacks and so on. Sharing the contents is always a great way […]

Four Habits for a Healthier You

I’m really not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but any type of significant change in life kinda forces you into developing certain (better) habits – whether it’s rooted in your career, family or health. I’ve touched on this a bit, but my new teaching schedule at SoulCycle requires me to teach 13-19 classes each week. As […]

My First Date With Erica (The Sports Bra Story)

Okay, confession time: I’ve been wearing the same style of my standard go-to sports bra for several years now… They get the job done, so there’s that — but I guess it’s partially because I’ve never seen the need to get fitted for a sports bra. (Small, medium, large. Pretty simple to figure it out, right?) More storytelling […]

Advice from a Fitness Instructor: Where to Buy Workout Clothes

Over the past few weeks — and after last month’s post on ways that being a fitness instructor has changed my life, especially — I’ve received a few requests to blog about where I shop for workout gear. I’d intended to publish this last week, but wow — I had no idea just how much I had to share! Today, […]

How Becoming a Fitness Instructor has Changed My Life

Growing up, I’ve always been an athlete (I actually played soccer in college), but I never expected that I’d revolutionize my life through fitness — starting in my late-20’s, no less. My life has pivoted in a lot of ways since I made a gigantic career (/lifestyle) switch from my corporate job to the fitness industry — from […]

Link Love, Vol. 54

Short but sweet from me today, guys, as I’m sitting on the floor of my boxed up apartment awaiting the arrival of my movers.