Indian Summer

During the wacky-weathered months of September and October (aka that in-between season), calculating a thoughtfully styled look can feel a lot like homework. And, honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that.


On the final day of Fashion Week (… Day 6?), I was far too tired, hungover and laundry-deprived to coordinate a thoughtfully-layered, pulled-together outfit. Thus, a dress and booties would have to suffice. Shopbop sale to the rescue!


If you’re back here today look for another Fashion Week recap, it’s coming — I’ll post it later tonight and/or tomorrow morning. A lot happened on Day 3 (cliff notes version: booze, tears and WANG), so I have quite a few thoughts, photos and anecdotes to share. It’s worth the wait!

Spotted at Lincoln Center

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend, but I’m about done with my Day 2 recap from Fashion Week (here’s Day 1, if you missed it). In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few quick snaps of what I’ve been running around town in. 


My t-shirt stack has been in heavy rotation as of late, and this one from Markus Lupfer is no exception. 

Phillip Lim Floral

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekends. I had family in town, so I spent mine (happily) playing a tourist in my own city… More to come on that. I’m head-to-toe in two of my favorite brands today: Phillip Lim and Zara


There’s something about a t-shirt and denim shorts that puts me in a weekend mindset. I had a great one on the lake with my best GFs from college (a few pics here), so I thought I’d post these on a Monday in an effort to prolong that mentality.

Miami Swim Week-inspired Style

Miami Swim Week kicked off over the weekend, reminding me how badly I need to somehow secure a (man with a) beach-side Hamptons house to escape the wrath of this city’s humidity. Although, this weekend sure was a fun one. It was hard not to follow the coverage — so many colorful, fun full-pieces, strapless […]